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The park has a history of over 1,700 years up till today. It originated in the third year of Taikang, Jin dynasty, when the chief of the city Yangao led the water from the mountains in the northwest to irrigate the fields here. The name was gained because it is located in the west of the city of Jin. The present scale was formed due to the extension generation after generation.West Lake has a total area of 45hectares and a water area of about30 ...[Detail]

Located on both sides of Minjiang River, the 7.5 mile-long Minjiang Park is the largest park in Fuzhou City. Originally, it was called "Jiangbin Park", meaning the park lying beside the river. By combining the surrounding natural landscape and the unique Minjiang traditional culture, Minjiang Park fully reflects the characteristics of ecology, openness and water access. The park is composed of seven tourist zones from west to east. They ...[Detail]

Jinniushan Park is the creation of Fuzhou China Excellent Tourism City of key projects, the total investment of over 9,000 million yuan, Park occupies a total area of 44.24 hectares, is the only modern Fuzhou Park. It Jinniushan mountain building modelled on the natural simplicity, Chinese and western wall, financial experts at home and abroad garden designed from the collective wisdom. Scenic spots are:Golden Bull sculpture, fountain, waterfall, ...[Detail]

Hot Spring Park is found in the southeast section of Wu Si Road, the hot spring zone, covering an area of 10 hektares. Here you will find carpets of green grass, fresh flowers, fountains, zigzagging paths and verandas. Hot Spring Park is a european-style park and a nice place for recreation which is built in 1997. The park can be divided into northern part and southern part with a glass pyramid standing in the center: Several parts include the ...[Detail]

Zuohai Park sits at the northwest of Fuzhou city by West Lake Park. It has several gardens built around a theme of ''Sceneries of Five Continents'' the most popular of which are the Asian Gardens and the European Gardens. The Asian garden consists of re-creations of the Great Wall, a Japanese garden and a jetty where pleasure boats can be boarded for rides across the 18 hectare lake that sits at the centre of Zuohai Park. A large ...[Detail]

Wuyi Square is located in the southern of Yu Hill in the city center of Fuzhou City. It is covering an area of 4.5 hectare and green space of 31,373 square meters. In the norhtern of the square is the important place of municipal Parety committee and municipal government to receive foreign affairs; In the eastern, there are provincial scenice and technology museum, telecommunications hub building, Yuanhong Garen and other laege lconic buildings; ...[Detail]

Jinjishan Park in Fuzhou Jinan District Jinjishan, the southeast corner. Jinjishan Hill is a branch of North Mountain Range. It looks like a huge and dark green jade that is lying in the eastern bank of Jin'an River. It is the famouse mountain in suburb of Fuzhou, and full of historical culture that precious cultural relic from Han Dynasty and Qing Dynasty ever came out. In the old time, there were many places of interest in Jinjishan Hill, ...[Detail]

Fuzhou Wanglongtai Park is located in the Riverside Avenue. The river water of the park is clear and the riverside is a good place to swim. The gate of the park called " Wangjing Platform" is consisted of eight ancient Rome pillars and large fountain. There are fishing platform, recreational watching gallery, beach volleyball court, service building, parking lot and other scenic spots in the park. There are planting banian, hoop pine, ...[Detail]

The Min River is a 577 kilometres (359 mi)-long river in Fujian province, People's Republic of China. It is the largest river in Fujian, and an important water transport channel. Most of northern and central Fujian is within its drainage area. The provincial capital, Fuzhou, sits on the lower Min River, with its historic center being on the northern side of the river. Fuzhou's suburb Changle is on the other side of the river, even closer ...[Detail]

King Kong leg is located in the lower minjiang River in Changle city air of shilong town under the mountain cliffs, approximately 30 km from urban areas. It is a stretch from the foothills to the River surface of granitic rocks, shaped like King Kong King of thighs, soles wearing boots, toe cocked it is called "King Kong leg". Min River water and water for the East China sea boundaries here, outside the salt water, fresh water. Fujian ...[Detail]