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C&D Hotel Fuzhou is a high-end business conference hotel. The hotel inherits the high-end reception service culture of 'Yuehua' brand, and is committed to delivering the classic brand concept of 'warm Yuehua, home of business travel'. The hotel is located on the Bank of the West Lake. It takes only 10 minutes from the hotel to the downtown block or North railway station to meet your different needs of travel, shopping, leisure and entertainment.
It provides you with a warm and comfortable living environment. The hotel has three main buildings, including 173 elegant and luxurious guest rooms and Suites, with an average area of more than 48 square meters. The rooms can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake. They are equipped with large screen LCD TV, two double line telephones with voice mail, independent shower and bathtub, high-speed broadband network, and thoughtful details, just to bring you a high-quality and noble stay experience.
It will open a delicious journey for you. The fashionable and simple cafeteria, luxurious and elegant Chinese restaurant, and 13 independent boxes can meet your needs for all kinds of banquets.
It provides you with the most professional venues and conference services. With more than 1800 square meters of conference rooms and banquet halls, the hotel is an ideal place for holding business meetings, famous product exhibitions, perfect weddings and other large-scale activities. The 800 square meters of luxury banquet hall provides you with an elegant and charming environment for your perfect and pleasant activities.
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FAQs when booking at C&D Hotel Fuzhou
  • How far is the hotel from Fuzhou Changle International Airport?

    C&D Hotel Fuzhou is 42.2km from the airport.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at C&D Hotel Fuzhou?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at C&D Hotel Fuzhou.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does C&D Hotel Fuzhou accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at C&D Hotel Fuzhou?

    Each costs cny92 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at C&D Hotel Fuzhou?

    The room prices is from cny822, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • motormay
    The warm towel and hot tea in the lobby of the hotel are impressive. When checking in, they are fast and warm. Mr. Zhang also recommended the Buddha jumping wall of the Chinese restaurant for me, which is really delicious; The concierge is very responsible, and the temperature should be measured in and out, and the information verification is rigorous, so it's safe to check in. Breakfast is richer than that of the international hotel. The room is clean and bright. Fresh fruits are welcome. The cleaning elder sister is serious and responsible, and the disinfection work is meticulous. The shower water in the room is very large, and the HD TV is a high-quality international famous brand. Thank the staff who provided warm help to us during Yuehua and praise Fuzhou Yuehua.
  • lanponiang
    The lobby manager gave a warm reception, the service was good, the hygiene was good, everything was very good
  • Lynn19871111
    Good location, convenient parking, considerate service, good breakfast
  • lij0404
    Considerate service, attentive
  • burberry1987
    The location is very good. By the West Lake, the wooden plank road is out of the hotel, 20 minutes' walk from Sanfang and Qixiang. Family room, the room is large, there are enough chairs, children play, the elderly drink tea and don't disturb each other. The sauna room and 42 degree spa pool in the bath center can well alleviate fatigue. If you come to Fuzhou again, you will choose this store.
  • rayar
    It's convenient to drive, and the hotel environment is good! Friendly service. There are many kinds of breakfast!
  • C1116
    Quiet and comfortable, good location
  • artwega
    The hotel environment is very good, surrounded by greening and Hubo
  • jiangnan3376
    The environment is very good, the location is central, the transportation is convenient, the supporting facilities are complete, the hotel is very new, but this time the room is not big enough, the structure is not very good. Everything else is pretty good.
  • JC0913
    The service was very considerate. I also installed a bedside. It's very convenient to take care of my baby. I will choose this place next time.
  • mojo51
    The service environment was very good!
  • yangjing878
    Very good ~ very satisfied!
  • aabbvv
    It's a great hotel. It's located in the city center. The environment is good. The room is large and clean. I also give small gifts when I check in. Great
  • iamanaman
    The hotel is great!
  • coolbluefox
    The hotel environment is very good and the service is considerate
  • aaglu
    I've lived several times. It's good overall,
  • duncan_ren
    The service was not up to standard
  • graces
    Everything was very good, the hardware and software were very good, the breakfast was also very good and there were many kinds. Chen Kexin (not sure if the word is correct) is very professional and enthusiastic. Give me a compliment.
  • gaojyxindiul
    It's a very good hotel. I didn't expect the service of the state-owned five-star hotel to be so good. Whether the front desk, concierge or room service, it makes people feel at home. At first, I hesitated, but a donkey friend commented that intercontinental stayed here for two nights. Intercontinental was not as good as Yuehua. I resolutely cancelled intercontinental and chose Yuehua. Thank you for your real comments, which made me make a real choice. The buffet breakfast in the hotel has many varieties and tastes good. Afternoon tea is worth trying. It is rich and delicious, which exceeds most hotels. The hotel is located next to the West Lake Park. It's very convenient to take the plank road, take a cruise ship, see the museum, and get in and out of the park directly with a carpool card. My mother said that she passed the difficult 70th birthday, and I was glad to choose Yuehua.
  • lifan_302
    Service and hospitality.
  • BA009
    Breakfast is very recommended and the room is also very good. The surrounding environment of the hotel is very good. It's next to West Lake Park and Zuohai park. After dinner, you can take a walk on the wooden plank road in the park. The hotel is also close to Sanfang and Qixiang, which can be reached within half an hour's walk. Worth recommending!
  • wxb5607
    The second spring festival brought my grandson to Fuzhou to stay. Unfortunately, it caught up with the epidemic of new virus pneumonia. There are not many people in the hotel, but the service is still warm, warm towel and tea in the lobby are warm, and the service has been improving! My grandson especially likes dolls when I check in. When I check in, Xiao Liu also kindly sends me a spring festival olive. The concierge Xiao Wang is also very enthusiastic and takes the initiative to arrange vehicles when I go out. Fresh fruit and milk are welcome. Breakfast is very rich. The hotel service staff told us by phone that due to the impact of the epidemic, they have to take the temperature of the guests every day. The lobby manager has been apologizing. As a native of Wuhan, I (living in Beijing for a long time) have actually caused trouble to the hotel. Thank you very much! Finally, it is worth mentioning that all the waiters who met are very kind to say hello. The very warm spring festival will come again!
  • evail
    Overall, I feel pretty good
  • praveen25p
    Good environment, good service
  • tang_jianbin
    Fuzhou feels the best hotel stone is beautiful
  • luyufeed
    It's suitable for taking children. The environment is great.
  • flflf
    The service is super warm. I can feel that every staff member is serving with his heart. The battery car is very convenient. It's convenient to go to the West Lake and the swimming pool is very good. Very satisfied with a check-in experience.
  • april35
    As always, great
  • Jil Sander
    The cost performance is still very high, the hotel service is also very standard, the room is large, and the decoration is also my favorite style, but the price is relatively expensive
  • d04836271
    It's very suitable for taking care of children. It's worth recommending. The baby is very happy. The children's paradise is also good. The service is very good. There is a baby bathtub and bed circumference
  • bmyeric
    Pretty good. The environmental sanitation service was very good
  • amour2009
    Good location and environment
  • nanita
    Beautiful environment! The breakfast restaurant is full of characteristic snacks from all over Fujian. The taste is very good, and there are a wide variety of Chinese and Western food!
  • fangyiabcd
    Very satisfied, my friend is very happy
  • d6174
    The service of the hotel is very good and the environment is good. It is close to the West Lake Park
  • cindyli0404
    The service is very good, the buffet is very delicious, I like the fragrance of the hotel very much, there are free fresh fruits in the house, a bottle of coke, Sprite coconut milk every day, a great hotel!
  • asd6446
    It's an excellent choice to travel with the elderly and children. Although the children's Park is small, it's very convenient and fun. It's just suitable for children under 1.2 meters. Baby garden exploration activities let us get familiar with Yuehua, also know a lot of plants, is an interesting activity. Free to borrow running shoes, pillows and other conveniences are used, but did not expect to change the hard mattress, fortunately, the mattress is not very soft. Good night. Milk and biscuits are sweet. During the check-in period, I often call the customer service center to ask questions. Very satisfied. If only I could live here everyday
  • e02221391
    Not bad. The three employees of the recreation department are very good, Zhou Haoyang, Zhang Weisheng and Wang Nuolin. And the handsome guy with glasses at the front desk is very nice. The staff who drive the battery car to pick up the guests to the swimming pool are also great. The security guard at the gate can also take the initiative to open the door. The waiter is the soul of a hotel. The hardware of a five-star hotel is not too bad, mainly compared with the soft power of service quality. Every ordinary post employee has a very special significance. No matter how ordinary his work is, he has something important. The reason why I didn't go to Kempinski later was that his service was not good, not the hardware. Compared with Yuehua, it even updates more small things. The mattress is also more suitable for me, but the service is not good. I don't want to make a penny for it. So I chose Yuehua later. Jianfa quality. It's worth having. One thing is that the waiters cleaning the guest room need to be improved.
  • angelbaby2011
    The service in the hotel was very good, with a good breakfast
  • mengmm
    Nice environment
  • fudamei
    The hotel facilities are very good, the park is relatively large, close to the West Lake, with pleasant scenery. The service was very friendly. They gave gifts to the children and provided the children with toiletries. It was very considerate. Come here next time.
  • oceandeng
    First of all, the environment and service are really great. Many staff will take the initiative to greet them when they see them. It's also considerate to send children gifts when they check in.
  • foxloveflying
    The 11-day trip to Fuzhou can only be divided into two sections because Yuehua hotel is scheduled for less than 4 days. The first half lives in the Intercontinental Hotel and the second half lives in Yuehua. It is said that if you are not afraid of not knowing the goods, you are afraid of comparing the goods. When the two hotels are compared, Yuehua will definitely win. The hotel is garden style with beautiful scenery. There is a small door directly to the West Lake plank road. It's very pleasant to live in it. The service awareness of the hotel was very good. I arrived at the hotel at more than 12 o'clock and was ready to check in. I also gave the children a National Day gift. There are free drinks in the room, sleeping milk and snacks in the evening, and free running shoes rental in the gym. Especially when we went back to the room the next day, we saw a note on the table, and the waiter made a little rabbit with a small towel for our daughter. Her daughter was very happy and took pictures with the little rabbit. Just before she left, her daughter wanted to take the little rabbit away as a souvenir. She called the front desk and said it would cost 10 yuan. It is suggested that if this can be given away for free, it will be more sincere.
  • aaalinda
    It's really great. It's highly recommended!!! It's a good location. It's very convenient to eat and take out in the city. It's 3 subway stations away from Fuzhou Station. The hotel can directly lead to the wooden plank road of West Lake Park. It's 20 minutes' walk from three lanes and seven alleys. It's via Daming food street. The hotel is clean and quiet. The staff's service is warm and considerate. The indoor swimming pool is constant temperature and very clean. Children have a good time!
  • albertwow
    The breakfast was rich, the service was in place, the room was large, free drinks and mineral water were provided many times, goodnight milk and biscuits were available, biscuits were delicious, and buffet dinner was also good.
  • E Long boy
    Very good! Booked a family room, the bed is big and comfortable, and the service is also very good. There is also a door leading to the West Lake plank road. It's nice to stroll after dinner!
  • bongso
    The location of the hotel is very superior, the environment is very good, the hotel is on the edge of the West Lake, very quiet and beautiful, the service attitude is very good, every waiter is very friendly, gentle, children's Paradise can also take children, very humane. The breakfast in the hotel is very good. It's a stall with Fuzhou characteristics. It's very good and authentic. You must try it by the side of the pot. It's very delicious. The attitude of the chef and the waiter is super good. Director Xie, who came out to play a lazy restaurant, took the initiative to plan a tour route for us. Thank you very much. We got up early in the morning and took a walk in the hotel park. The whole person of the Garden Hotel felt very calm. Then we went to Zuohai Park of West Lake. The hotel is very close to the West Lake. It's very convenient to get to the wooden plank road of West Lake with the loan card. When I come back, I can order a free special drink in the lobby bar with my debit card. I drink milk covered coffee, which tastes very good. I have a buffet at the hotel for lunch. The dishes are rich, and the guests can get two free and one discount. It's really cost-effective. After the rest, I can spend the whole afternoon in the hotel and go to the cafeteria downstairs. It's also a surprise. The unique scenery and delicious desserts can save my taste buds. Dinner we went to three lanes and seven alleys, the scenery is very good, snacks are also good, a very happy trip, thank you for your recommendation, thank you for taking care of. Yuehua hotel has first-class service, first-class environment, free from formality, and strong sense of active service.
  • lufei0788
    Very good hotel, especially the hotel service, very good. The front desk is beautiful, and the waiters are enthusiastic about small tours. Overall, they are very good. They will choose to stay here next time!
  • feijun
    That mosquito is really called poison. If you send this picture, it may be that other people don't believe me. They say that I talk nonsense and slander others. On the night of the 31st, my car was parked in the parking lot at the back door of the hall on the first floor, with white Peugeot 3008 and min c card. The monitoring can be transferred to my process in the car. I don't know how to comment on it. Can I say bad? However, the bathtub is absolutely dirty and not up to standard, because the watermark around the drain is very obvious, there are long hair on the bathroom carpet, I have short hair, and no one with long hair has ever entered.
  • beautywxl
    It's a nice hotel. It's near the West Lake. There's a small door behind the hotel to go to the West Lake. The hotel room is very large and the environment is also very good. It is suitable for taking children together. Very good service, very friendly. There was an episode. Someone went to the wrong room in the middle of the night and rang the doorbell twice. Later, he called and complained. It would be happier if there was no episode.
  • amy59418
    Good, cost-effective
  • dinci
    The room is tall and comfortable.
  • luyiviolet
    Every aspect was very good
  • jamiely2011
    The hotel can park for free, breakfast is good, the swimming pool is open until 23 o'clock, fruit (mango is very sweet), milk biscuits and snacks before going to bed, and the hotel service is very considerate and in place. Great experience!
  • anny99
    Breakfast is very rich. There is a special channel leading to the West Lake plank road in the hotel. The theme of parent-child room layout has distinctive characteristics. Praise one. There is a car transfer in the swimming pool
  • e03716222
    Fuzhou Yuehua hotel is famous for its excellent service. As soon as you enter the lobby, there are warm and friendly concierges to welcome you. There are surprises when you check in. The front desk service is very professional, and Miss Wang's attitude is very sincere; The lobby manager brought me warm jasmine tea and towels. I experienced such excellent service for the first time in hotels at home and abroad. The hotel is located in Fuzhou West Lake, close to Sanfang and Qixiang. The service center is professional. The little Guliang who answered the phone immediately arranged a bus for me. The hotel park is very beautiful and quiet. The concierge also actively provides pick-up services in the park. There are fragrant osmanthus and colorful purple flowers in the park. In fact, walking in the park on a crisp autumn day is also a high-level enjoyment& nbsp;
  • cj7209
    Chen Kexin's considerate service in the guest room is quite humanized!
  • jingliang
    The smoking room was transferred at the front desk when checking in. The cigarette butts in the ashtray were not cleaned when entering the room. In addition, the hotel's battery car has potential safety hazards. The two screws behind the front seat backrest are exposed and the knee is scratched. As an operating equipment, you should wrap the sharp objects clearly! One of the five-star hotels with poor details. In a fit of anger, I returned my reservation for the next day and moved to Hilton. Five star hotel, the details are not in place, should not.
  • e00163435
    Very satisfied with the environment and service
  • dadawa111
    Breakfast is very rich, back to the West Lake, in the city center, convenient transportation, good scenery and considerate service.
  • alex_wu
    Breakfast is very rich, a combination of Chinese and Western; Free parking in the hotel; The hotel is close to the West Lake Park and directly leads to the West Lake plank road. It is not far from the famous Sanfang and Qixiang scenic spot
  • e04432272
    The hotel room is big enough, the service is very attentive and friendly. The hotel is just beside the West Lake and Zuohai park. You can go directly to the wooden plank road of the West Lake. There is an inner lake in the hotel. There are geese and ducks. Babies like to feed them. Next to it is a children's paradise. Special thanks to Director Luo of the front desk and the beauty of the front desk.
  • emilyaries
    The environment is very good. The room is very big and comfortable. The waiters in the hotel are very warm and polite. When they check in, they send children's dolls and children's supplies. The swimming pool in the children's paradise is very fun. You can take a ferry bus to walk through the hotel. It's very pleasant to check in. If you have a chance, you will stay here!
  • iolcl
    Hotel environment is good, restaurant service is good, breakfast is rich, buffet lunch experience is good
  • StillSandy
    Good Chinese style hotel
  • IM a bone
    Breakfast is very good, there are many kinds!
  • james0463
    The room is average, but the surrounding environment is good
  • e02042034
    Great service!!! The waiters are very kind!! Go to the gym next time!! Hee hee!!
  • Dooling
    In December, the service was really good! When you get to the hotel, there is a bellman to take your luggage from the alighting, smiling service to check-in room, hand towel to wipe your hands, lemonade and jasmine tea. You don't need to take any luggage in the whole process. After entering the room, you will introduce the room in detail and a series of countless details of service. It's amazing! When checking in, due to the room tension, Xiao Zhang upgraded the room type for free, and delivered the battery car to the villa. He really took care of the feelings of the passengers and tried his best to meet their requirements! Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym are free to use, and the water is constant temperature circulating water! It's really worth coming here.
  • liuweisongjing
    The environment is good and convenient